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We often did things as a trio, going to parties and movies as Andre got to know people around town.Andre lived alone with his father in a rather modest ..."He is from the university and he wants to talk to you about a cheer scholarship honey." "Hello, I'm pleased to meet you," the eighteen year old blonde said shaking his hand. You mean you think I am good enough to cheer at the university. After her parents entertained him at their expensive home, Monica and her parents became more excited at her chances.Mr Albright returned at summer's end and found Monica home alone.

I'd have to put all my relationships on the back burner for awhile and let them simmer, and just hope that the fires didn't die out before I returned.In fact he caught her sun bathing in her yellow bikini on the back deck.Not only was he interested in her cheering ability, but he was ...Posted in As Deej and Carole left the theater after a not-so-good movie, he suggested, "want to get something to eat, baby?" The petite blond smiled up at him and took his hand, "sure, Deej. That popcorn was too salty to eat." They walked hand in hand the short two blocks to the little hamburger stand, one of the few places open after nine o'clock at night in the small town.

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