Dating machine for can drinks

Those arenas have a total capacity of​ over​ ​110​,000 attendees,” said co-founder and CEO Barry Givens.

As you’ll recall, Monsieur launched at Tech Crunch Disrupt and is essentially a black box full of booze.

Now if they can only replace bar patrons with faceless robots who won’t bother you with long stories about conspiracy theories, I might just be set.

General Machine-made Diagnostic Features: Machine-made bottles will exhibit most or all of the diagnostic characteristics explained and illustrated below.

These deviations are discussed on the main Bottle Dating page in a box under 4.

"Ghost" seams are usually present on the neck, shoulder, and/or body of the bottle if made by a blow-and-blow machine (like the Owens Automatic Bottle Machine).

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There are at least two additional finish related mold seams - one at the top of the finish which encircles either the bore or sometimes the outside of the upper lip portion of the finish (sometimes of these seams are present) and a horizontal seam immediately below the finish which circles the extreme upper neck (called a "neck ring parting line").

“We are in pilot with several NBA arenas, one of the top hotel brands that has over ​4,000​ locations, and​ a popular movie theater brand that has over ​500​ locations.

Monsieur will be in at least 3 NBA arenas this basketball season.

A robotic bartender named Monsieur and his human partners have raised million in seed investment from BIP Capital with Base Ventures, Paul Judge, Tech Square Labs, NFL star Derrick Morgan, and NBA star Glen Davis.

The funding will go towards building more Monsieur drink robots for bars, restaurants, and my bedroom.

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