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Nearly half the women said that the difficulties they had in conceiving, and the need to use IVF, were the primary disadvantages of trying to become a parent at a later age.

In fact, many of the women said that because of their ages, they were advised to "go straight to IVF" when they decided to get pregnant.

Most of the participants said they could not have had children earlier because of their circumstances.The University of California, San Francisco, study was limited to 107 people, most of them white, married and with above-average incomes.The authors said future research should include a more diverse group and should follow up on the older parents once their children reach the teens.She gets things done, and you don't have to worry about it. A woman in her 50s SO gets that and that's because she doesn't want to talk about her ex -- at all. So everything that you decide to do that day gets dipped into awesome sauce." 5.

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