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Playing a character different from ourselves in video games can be elucidating in how they expose us to experiencing situations as an 'other'.In this case, as a man, I was confronted with a situation that reminds me of certain privileges I have, in how far from my own life experience this would be.For creative players though, there is a way to deliver some justice to Myron without being put in the same box as baby-murderers.It's possible to use the automated organ extraction table in the Sierra Army Depot to give him a horribly violent death via brain extraction without incurring the trait.

The face of the game is, after all, the cheery Vault-Boy, pepping you up for the nuclear apocalypse with a wink and a grin. Myron is a child-genius chemist, the inventor of Jet, a highly addictive drug with horrific side effects.

However, using the machine always results in high negative karma anyway.

It's likely that the game creators were aware that many players would love to kill Myron themselves, but would avoid doing so because of these penalties.

The early Fallout games are beloved by RPG fans because of the high reactivity of their game worlds.

Depending on your choices in the character creation system and the game itself, all sorts of surprising situations can occur.

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