Google tv guide not updating

To top it off, WMC users experience a complete stoppage of new guide information at least 4 times a year to the point where sometimes there are only hours left before the guide is empty (it’s even worse for international users).EPG123 was created to allow WMC users to disconnect from the Microsoft/Rovi nightmare and use the excellent guide information provided by Gracenote through a membership to Schedules Direct.We spent a lot of time researching this purchase, because we wanted a TV with built-in streaming video features like You Tube, Amazon Streaming Video, Hulu, Netflix, Crackle and more.

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Tonight, we clicked the You Tube button on the television to watch some clips (something we do often — we love catching up on late-night TV You Tube clips and content on our television.) This is what we saw: Certain older You Tube apps will no longer be supported after April 2015 Devices affected: Select devices manufactured in 2012 and earlier, including Sony TVs & Blu-ray Players, Panasonic TVs & Blu-ray Players, and devices running Google TV.

The HD Guide fits the entire width of your TV screen, with sharp 16:9 resolution.

For easier browsing, you can select to group all HD channels at the beginning of your channel listings.

The Favourites feature on this guide goes way beyond your Favourite channels - it's the content you want to watch.

You can create up to five customized Favourites or use pre-set lists, such as Movies, HD or Sports.

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