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Some recordings just "disappear" or don't record at all. What a waste of money this shitbox has turned out to be.Doesn't sound like they have improved at all, my Humax 7510T has been delegated to HT room where it just serves as a tuner.I bought mine from Harvey Norman in their Auburn store. I turn the unit off (not unplug it from the power socket), and when I turn it on, my entire schedule is missing so I have to re-enter it all again.

Howdy, purchased the Humax4Tune for the missus and kids (3&9) 6mths ago after our Beyonwiz died.

Resorted to a factory reset minus reformatting the HDD which sorted that out.

Coming up on 12 months next week with very few issues.

au/data/product/1397009196/HMS1000T_Manual.pdf) states: "Your product has 4 turners.

You can record up to 4 programmes and watch another programme that is in sister channel of the programme that is being recorded at the same time." and "You can record up to four programmes while watching a live TV on your TV and two live TV programmes on your two different mobile devices at the same time." So no, apparently not.

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