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Not only can he appoint the Prime Minister, Cabinet, and Justices of the Supreme Court, but he may appoint other key officers as well.If he fails to appoint the official, he can simply assume their powers until an appropriate candidate is found.Sri Lanka’s political system has been shaped by its history as a British colonial possession, dating from 1801.The British attempted to develop a representative government on the island through an 1833 constitution that created a legislative council.The 1931 Constitution finally gave more authority to the native elected representatives over internal concerns.Over the next 40 years, the British attempted to give more authority and independence to the island in the hopes of transferring it to dominion status within the British Empire.

His powers of appointment are very broad under the newest amendment, as well.It is the task of the state to establish a democratic socialist state, ensure the distribution of wealth, oversee economic development, and raise educational and cultural standards.It must also commit itself to the decentralization of the government and the promotion of national identity through the elimination of discrimination.This Constitution, still in force today, was created to grant more local autonomy and equalize the Tamil and Sinhala ethnic groups.Over the past 40 years, the Constitution has been amended several times.

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