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On top of that, I simply don’t think your average 20 year old American girl is likely nowhere near as mature as most 20-year-old Colombian girls.I can only stand so much talk about celebrity gossip and how “hard” college is.Of course, this didn’t alleviate my blue balls that were built up from her grinding her fantastic Colombian ass on me all night.Ultimately I decided to let it go and not let it put a damper on my trip…because… If she gets it, she’ll visit me for a week to ten days.

There’s no doubt in my mind that if ingredients were supplied at every meal, every meal would be taken care of.On Thursday night there was a miscommunication – she said she wanted to come over, I relented, but then she said she was bringing that friend and another friend (who turned out to be her friend’s sister, a Nicki Manaj lookalike without as big of an ass. We relented and traveled to a ghetto part of town, bought a bottle (roughly ), and had a good night.At the end of the night, we got out, expecting them to follow us up. Considering we had both already banged our girls, we obviously expected them to come up and get banged out. They used us to fund their night out and that was it.Don’t ask us to understand weather moodiness, changes of wardrobe or seasonal food. Also, daylight here is the same all year round, so we can tell you what time it is, just by looking at the sun. If we don’t tell you that your dog is ugly and fat is not because we are lying, those things are just not nice to say!So we just avoid unpleasant conversations, and pass on to talk about happy stuff.

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