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You should still keep your Mac’s or Android’s operating system up-to-date and rebuild your PC if you still plan to use it.If you need certain programs for the workplace, look for Mac or Android equivalents. Levine, Margaret Levine Young Using the Internet is exciting.But sometimes things get so fouled up that you want to push your computer out the window and go back to the communication methods our ancestors used, like newspapers, telephones, and smoke signals. Slow start-up, sluggish operation, and annoying pop-ups all suggest that your computer is infested with malware, sneaky programs that do bad things to your computer, including spyware (which arrives by way of your web browser), viruses (which arrive by email), and worms (which arrive all by themselves).Because you can buy a reasonable computer for less than 0 these days and you can use the same printer and screen (if your computer isn’t a laptop) you have now, sometimes if you’ve had your old computer for a while, it’s easier to buy a new computer and start over.The nice people at the computer store should be able to help you extract your files from your old, messed-up computer, perhaps for a modest extra charge, and install them on a new one.

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Infection takes perhaps ten seconds.) Even if you have only one computer, the you spend for a router is well worth it.And, if you still use Internet Explorer to browse the web, consider trying a different browser, such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.Check out these antispyware programs: For all three programs, download, install, and run them, and be sure to download updates regularly.Even if the new computer is all configured and updated at the store, which it should be, you still should get a router to deter future hostile invasions.Plan B is to consider buying an Apple Macintosh computer or a tablet computer running the Google Android operating system, even if only for your email and web surfing.

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