Who is alfie deyes dating

Jack agrees with this decision which was made by his representatives and ITV and thanks everyone who has supported him in the show this far.” Jack Maynard has been removed from #Im ACeleb – decision was made by his representatives in the wake of media stories that he has been unable to respond to. — Duncan Lindsay (@Duncan Lindsay) November 21, 2017 In Tweets dating back to December 2012, The Sun revealed that Jack used the homophobic phrase “retarded f****t” in an exchange. He received early support from across the You Tube community.

The names Zoella Sugg and Alfie Deyes, Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman, Niomi Smart and Marcus Butler and The Saccone-Jolys may not necessarily be familiar, but their faces are watched by hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis.

When the products went on sale exclusively on feelunique.com, they amassed the biggest waiting list the site has ever witnessed.

Recently speaking to Mail Online about her success, she said: 'I couldn't have done it without the support of my fans.

A statement from a spokesperson of the star revealed: “In the last few days Jack has been the subject of a succession of media stories which, given his position as a contestant on – filmed in the Australian jungle, with no contact with the outside world, he has been unable to respond to. In another Tweet, posted in June 2011, Jack said: “At alices with my n****s! As the comments recently came to light in the press, a spokeswoman for the vlogger said: “Jack is ashamed of these tweets, many were deleted a long time ago.

“Since it is only fair that everyone should be aware of any allegations made against them and should also have the right to defend themselves, it was agreed that it would be better to bring him out of the show. “He would never use that language now and realises this kind of retaliatory, inflammatory, insulting language is completely unacceptable.” Jack’s exit comes just days after the launch of the 2017 series.

Zoella's boyfriend, Alfie Deyes, isn't doing too badly either.

The video star from Brighton is the wholesome (and rather well-groomed) face behind the Pointless Blog, a You Tube vlog that documents his life.

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camp after homophobic and racist comments he made on Twitter came to light.

From music and films, books and TV, and fashion and beauty, these are Britain's most influential vloggers - video bloggers - who have turned their You Tube hobby into a multi-million pound money-making machine.

A simple online mention in one of their pieces can result in a sell-out product for brands, which are keen to work with the vloggers, who can command between £20,000 to £50,000 for a five-minute video.

Have on-and-off-again couple Kian Lawley and Meredith Mickelson finally broken up for good?

The hot-and-cold couple have finally unfollowed each other.

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