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Ar-Rahn Ar-Rahn (an Islamic pawn broking firm) is a product of Permodalan Kelantan Berhad (PKB)’s effort to promote financial practice in accordance with Islamic virtues. AR-RAHNU Exchange Franchise Business Opportunity Ar-Rahnu X’Change is a growing pawn-brokering industry since the 19th century.

They operate using a business franchising system while having the experience and expertise of Ar-Rahnu Bank Rakyat. Ar-Rahnu X’Change We offer you an opportunity to share our experience and for Bank Rakyat Ar-Rahnu micro-credit business.

Action COACH helps business owners to improve their business through guidance, support and encouragement.

You’ll see where your audience is coming from and what they’re interested in.

Osaka Agristore Franchise is a one-stop agriculture supplies retail outlet for farmers and…

Allcare Pharmahealth Franchise Business Opportunity It’s All About The Community - Beauty, Health & Wellness.

Join the fast expanding Islamic Pawn Broking (Ar-Rahnu) industry through our Ar-Rahnu X’Change franchise…

Archipelago International (INDONESIA) “Largest Hotel Management & Franchise Company in Southeast Asia” Archipelago International is the largest hotel management and franchise company in Southeast Asia with over 200 properties and over 4 Billion USD in assets under management. Arjuna Village “Bringing back traditional cuisine to town”.

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