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Then the group should evaluate each of the ideas and develop the most promising ones for practical application. ______________________________________________________________________ What If. Choose one of the questions below and then trace the reasonable and logical consequences that would follow. During the evaluation session, wild ideas are converted to practical ones or used to suggest realistic solutions. These are ideas that suggest new ways of looking at the situation. Who will benefit, will be injured, will be included, will be excluded? You might be sure to think of both good and bad (and perhaps indifferent) consequences. Remember, the goal is more important than the path. If cars were maintained by the government, too, some would be in better shape than now, but others would be in worse shape--no pride in personal ownership. You'd never know if the car you drove to a location (like the movie theater at night) would be there when you got out. These checklists simply save the mental effort required to bring up what's available when that list gets longer than six or seven.Alex Osborn, advertising writer of the fifties and sixties, has contributed many very powerful creative thinking techniques. This is sometimes called piggybacking, hitchhiking, or ping ponging. (Purpose) Why was or is this done, avoided, permitted? On sunny days cars would be plentiful, but on rainy days, you might get stuck at the shopping center. Another example might be to ask, "What if we do nothing about the problem? ______________________________________________________________________ Use one or more of the concepts in this article to respond to one of the following challenges. The Kell Mills Cereal Company has just created a new breakfast cereal made from formed wheat chunks. In personal relationships, romantic or supervisor/employee, in techniques and policies, whenever someone suggests an improvement, the typical response is, "So what's so terrible about it now? This "either it's fine or it's bad" attitude often gets in the way of thinking calmly about improvements.

In fact, some people have said that using 11 by 17 inch paper instead of 8.5 by 11 inch increases their creativity. If necessary the moderator will also remind members of the group not to inject evaluation into the session (in case a member tsks, sneers, says, "Oh, come on," and so forth). Eat popcorn or pizza or ice cream or make paper airplanes or doodles while you work, even if the problem itself is deadly serious like cancer or child abuse. Notice when you mention a "what if" to your friends, their reaction will probably be to laugh and change the subject, or to laugh and suggest one funny consequence. ______________________________________________________________________ 3. This very factor that keeps us sane also keeps us from thinking beyond what we know to be true. Checklists help enormously in keeping the idea maker or problem solver alert to multiple aspects of the issue at hand. Intelligent addressing of these problems in connection with your idea should produce welcome improvements to it. A major block to creativity for many of us is the mind's fierce grasp on reality. The mind can attend to only about seven items at one time; more than that will have to be recalled from memory, either by force of will or through a checklist.Note in this section that the goal is to produce a good quantity and a good quality of new ideas and solutions so that the best ones may be chosen. Instead of quickly saying, "That sounds dumb," or "That would never work," and leaving our criticism vague, we trace as exactly as our reasonable minds can generate the specific implications or consequences of the newly imagined fact. An electrician might have a list (or even a board with samples) of the various kinds of wires and fasteners available.Exactly how those ideas are generated is less important than the ideas themselves. Why that particular action, rule, idea, solution, problem, disaster, and not another? For example, what if automobiles were all owned by the government and everybody had a key and could use any car that was handy? There would probably be more car pooling with strangers. A student might have a list of common reference tools, outlining styles, and information storage methods (like writing, drawing, typing, voice and video recording, model building, memorizing, and so forth).

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