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However, The Sexy Brutale straddles the line between need and want beautifully leaving the player ultimately satisfied with the conclusion of the story but utterly desperate for more.

All the time bending clichés could have easily applied to The Sexy Brutale, but instead of riding on the shoulders of other titles that have gone before it, this is a game that shows that a flashy mechanic is more than the sum of its parts.

Locked behind the mask, these elements of progression could come across as crass and needless but they often add such depth and complexity to the game that it's a measure of brilliance not banality.

Due to the open nature of the game there can be a few occasions when it's possible to stumble across the solution to a murder before there has been much of an opportunity to investigate further but it pays testament to the world that exists within the Hotel that even after a successful rescue there is still some joy in going back and filling out the rest of the puzzle.

The Sexy Brutale is a puzzle game that is a progeny of all the brilliance within Gregory Horror Show, Flower, Sun and Rain and Ghost Trick but even with such a rich heritage it manages to stand apart as a title of drama and performance.

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Upon waking in a chapel by a woman covered in blood the game makes its mark early on.Challenged to put enough roadblocks in place in order to make sure the slaughter never goes ahead.Due to some mystic benevolence the protagonist can never be in the same room as any other character, which initially feels limiting, but consequently it means that the emphasis here is to really engage with each mystery from afar as there is no option to intervene directly and stop the crime.There is no penalty for rewinding time other than potentially losing some of the items you've discovered along the way but armed with a detailed map and an ever increasing knowledge of the nooks and crannies within the hotel this isn't a punishment by any other name.Instead it helps impress on the player the importance of planning out their approach to finally solving the mystery and spoiling the murder.

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