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The boys’ lives are limited by their immediate environment, yet their world is also enlarged by their constant contact with the Internet, and by the unending stream of social media—a theme that is common to all of Williams’s work, and which recurs in —a young protagonist will wander the streets while the camera trails behind him at a distance, allowing us to take in deteriorated building facades and unlit graffitied underpasses.

Just as often, we overhear intimate conversations but are unable to read facial expressions, either because of darkness or obstruction.

Now, Williams treats travel as a personal and artistic quest.

The Argentine filmmaker had hardly left his native country before journeying abroad to make movies after enrolling at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires.

People are so often afraid, but we need exploration to learn.

In the Mozambique part, my protagonist gets to advance further, he has more freedom to go someplace new.

Wherever Williams goes, his protagonists turn out to be mostly young men and adolescents who come across as poetic drifters.

In the melancholy , for example, they hang out in a no-man’s-land of abandoned ruins in rural Argentina.

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