Whos dating katherine heigl

More disappointingly, we get the horror trope where the hero once again fails to deliver the death blow when she has the villain down for the count.

We the monster is going to come roaring back to life for one final scare.

The former actress has been married to Kelley since 2007, and they have two adopted daughters together.

Their son is due in early 2017, and Heigl has continuously impressed us with her elegant maternity style.

During the climax, the protagonist makes an especially dumb decision to make a noisy phone call from the killer’s house, instead of either leaving to call 911 or actually sneaking up on the villain to deliver a sneak attack that she doesn’t see coming.She plays Tessa for all she’s worth, coming across as genuinely disturbing in her more subtle glances, then descending into over-the-top moments where she could have dialed back on the diabolical.It’s actually Dawson who carries the movie, proving that she deserves more leading roles.Indeed, there’s a certain campy pleasure in the communal experience of a crowd yelling at the movie screen together.In this light, the villain’s ultimate demise is a riot — like the cork-screw in “The Girl on the Train” — as is the final surprise during the resolution.

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