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A doctor was quoted as saying that retinal artery occlusion was a condition associated with elderly people and rarely seen in the young, adding that the woman’s blindness was most likely caused by severe eye strain.Shaanxi parents name their daughter ‘Honour of Kings’ When questioned by reporters about the cause of her blindness, the woman said it was probably caused by playing the game for too long without a break.Corneal and external eye diseases can cause a variety of problems with vision and eye health. Jeffrey Goshe joined Cleveland Clinic Cole Eye Institute after completing a fellowship in Cornea and External Disease at the Devers Eye Institute in Portland, Oregon. Goshe is actively researching corneal transplant techniques.This Health Chat will open on Sunday, August 19, 2012 to allow you to submit questions.The woman said she regretted not having listened to her parents, who often tried to persuade her to stop playing the game in case she “went blind”.The report said the woman was still in hospital, where doctors were trying to save her vision.

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Jeffrey Goshe, MD, of Cleveland Clinic Cole Eye Institute, will answer your questions about this medical condition during a live webchat Monday, August 20, 2012, at noon (ET). It’s easy to be part of our live chat events, led by Cleveland Clinic doctors and health professionals.

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In August, , the military’s official mouthpiece, warned that some of its soldiers were becoming addicted to the game and said it could sap their fighting abilities.

Addiction to online game ‘could sap fighting power’ of China’s army Following restrictions introduced by Tencent in July, people aged between 12 and 18 are allowed to play the game for a maximum of two hours a day, while those under 12 are limited to just one hour per day, and before 9pm.

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