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She thought she was wrong, but it turned out she wasn’t.

This is the lesson Wendy Griffith learned in the process of becoming a 53 year old never married career woman.

Successful marriages require men to work harder, avoid cheating, spend less time with friends, and make a good-faith effort, day in and day out, to be emotionally present with their spouses. Vox makes a similar argument, but instead of saying that married fathers don’t deserve respect because they don’t work hard enough and aren’t emotionally available, he tells us we shouldn’t respect the modern married father due to his lack of commitment to murder-suicide (emphasis mine): The truth is that men often suffer the legal order they deserve, because they tolerate it.

Would any Roman patrician have meekly submitted to being made an indentured servant at the whim of his wife and the word of a judge? He would have killed the judge, the wife, and everyone who assisted either of them, then calmly gone home and opened his veins in the bath.

That’s why no one, including the legal system, respects his possession of either. It spreads via women due to the temptation to envy the position of men.

For men, it spreads via the temptation to declare oneself the only real man, as other men aren’t worthy of respect.

Bradford Wilcox, Jim Geraghty, Dennis Prager, and other men at National Review offer men if they marry.

I think there is a lack of “real” men in the church. [Churches] have singles outreaches for the 20-something crowd and early 30’s, but they don’t have anything for those over 40. But, thank God that there are some ways to connect online. Griffith: Well, they need to get over it, because we’re here and we’re waiting! There are a lot of gorgeous single women in the church, so get the men in here!She’s in the top 5-10% of women in their mid 50s, easily.That in and of itself makes her advice almost completely useless for the average woman of 53, never mind the average woman of 43 or even 35… I doubt that she is genuinely serious about getting married.After five months of dating, Griffith started pushing “Michael” for a marriage proposal.When Michael told her she was attractive but not marriage material, Griffith pushed for answers: How could this guy who drove several hours every weekend to see me, spent big bucks on hotels, dinners and flowers and kissed me passionately, not see me as “the one”? …Michael told me that he had doubts about our relationship because of the way I had treated him when I was on the road for work, reporting in New York and elsewhere around the country during the previous months. I had been a bit heavily focused on work, but truth be told, that had been months before, when I still hadn’t been too sure about us.

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