Updating sony blu ray firmware

fix for sony bluray firmware upgrade disabling player when acessing NETFLIX- BDPBX59 After allowing an automatic firmware update on my Sony Blu-Ray player, the unit would become unresponsive when I tried to access NETFLIX.

This video takes you through the steps that restored...

Over the last few years Sony has consistently produced good Blu-ray players. How to perform a firmware update on a Sony Blu-Ray Discâ„¢Player with internet connection Stay Informed.

XR This video will walk you through the steps to update your Sony Blu-ray disc player that has connection...

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How To Set Up a Sony Blu-ray Disc / DVD player This is the Ways To guide for how to setup your Sony Blu-ray player. Can't download software updates to correct the problem so I downloaded the Sony Update file to my PC and copied it to a USB Memory Stick. When I attempt to watch a video on Amazon the blu-ray will not allow to watch unless I get an update to "view exciting content". I have followed the directions from this link https://com/app/answers/detail/a_id/32902/p/46871,74232,74602/c/65,66/kw/cannot connect to wireless and it won't work. I have done a factory reset on my blu-ray and even went so far as to do a chat online with a customer service rep only to be told to reset, go back to the link I pasted above, then get back in line to speak to do another chat online with another CSR. My moms blue ray player works fine without a firmware update I never updated it. I will have a Netflix running on the Samsung and the Sony will be giving me the I can't Connect to the Internet message. I have exactly that Blu-ray player (region B) and exactly that Sony CD-R disc, but apparently the Windows Disc Image Burner has been removed from Windows 10, and the software that's preinstalled doesn't create ISO disc images on CDs. But when I put it in the Sony USB port it automatically loads a BUDA file in front of the UPDATE file and tells me it can't find the UPDATE file. I tried using the browser on the blu-ray and it cannot open the file needing the udpate.Hello, my bdp-s350 keeps displaying the error "EXT jack not reconized, to unplug it and restart the player." I don't have anything in the EXT jack and have tried to unplug it as well as reset my device. I attempted to use the Ethernet cable and hooking it up to my PC for the update and that didn't work.

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