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We are experiencing the advent of a generation of youth who will grow up lacking the skill of interpreting the other 90% of communication which doesn't involve words or speech.

Things like facial expressions (which emoticons are supposed to represent), body language, pitch of voice, inflection, volume (sometimes capital letters in typed communication), or even gestures add meaning to communication.

They symbolized this generation of social media and texting driven culture as the dehumanizing effect that makes us all zombies.

It's clear that Internet technology has had an incredibly positive effect on commerce, communication and the most mundane tasks we all face each day like banking and paying bills.

Understanding the software engine that drives social media is one thing, but understanding the psychology behind the culture that is redefining traditional terms and practices I've always known as normal teen behavior of the past, that's a challenge.

I don't negatively judge the girl's ability to have feelings for a guy with whom she probably shared photos, sentimental words and even video chatting.

For example, in the 2013 movie , one particular scene takes place in a public setting with flashbacks of hundreds of pedestrians staring at their mobile devices as they walk to their destination.

They never look forward or make eye contact with other people.

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If the account is fake, report it to Facebook immediately.

When setting up for a live video stream of a rehearsal for Spencer Kane's summer tour in the studio at Remedy Live in Fort Wayne, Indiana, he and I took a break to talk to the Director of Operations there.

She was newly hired to handle day-to-day management of the facility and staff, but also engage in the anonymous chat conversations between the staff of Remedy and teens facing crisis.

What shocked the Director was to learn what dating meant to this girl.

In 100% absolute confidence, the girl began to describe dating a boy for six months through texting and social media only.

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